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Equiseta Equine Therapies was started in 2015 in effort to bring relief to our equine athletes. It has grown tremendously since its inception and continues to grow to fit our clients needs. Equiseta Equine Therapies is a mobile business and we come to you!

Adrienne Schmitke is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist and centers her treatments around compensatory chains within the body from acute or chronic injuries and conditions. She has a strong focus on getting to the why of a dysfunction and looking for compensatory chains that lead to inhibition and over-activation.
Adrienne was the first Canadian to take part in Neurokinetic Therapy Equine training and is working towards her NKT Equine Level 1 certification. 

Adrienne's treatments include working to maintain the changes made in the body - owner's or trainers should expect to walk away with some new exercises and home care for your horse! 


Equine Massage Treatment (includes NKT)

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Adrienne Schmitke BAH, CEMT